What do IT professionals need to predict and prevent IT outage and disasters?

The answer: a complete monitoring solution.

Monitoring is believed to be the strongest line of defense in any datacenter environment. There is a strict necessity for modern data centers to have an extra care with simplified management and strong analytical capabilities to predict and prevent disasters.

Having a complete monitoring solution not only helps in creating primary defense towards unforeseen negative business impact but also, it will help you reduce the need for multiple tools and interfaces just to monitor your datacenter; thus, increasing your productivity.

Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform provides more predictive & analytical capabilities to keep your data center healthy, enabling greater control, visibility and security across your hybrid cloud.

Also, OMS extends System Center capabilities to deliver a full hybrid management experience across any datacenter or cloud.

Accessol offers Operations Management Suite (OMS) delivery to help you manage your entire environment, no matter where your workloads reside and take advantage of its new capabilities for advanced management across your servers.

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